KNCLD Programs

The Youth Academy
The KNC believes that young people should become the focus of capacity- building for leadership on the African continent.

Conflict and Human Security Initiative
Africa suffers from many conflicts relating to the struggle for control of political power, government institutions and economic resources. A growing number of conflicts are escalating in the face of struggle for democratic governance.

Economic and Social Justice Initiative (ESI)
Africa is besieged by socio-economic problems occasioned by bad leadership and an unfriendly global order.

Capacity-Building for Critical State Institutions to Deliver Public Goods
In the age of intense globalization, private-public partnerships have become the favored model of governance. It is important that we build the capacity of public sector Institutions to creatively.

Capacity-Building for Political Participation, Citizenship, Good Governance, and Entrepreneurship
This programme focuses on enhancing the quality of future leadership by enhancing the technical and ethical qualities of emerging leaders.

Diaspora Resources and Skills Network
The KNC recognizes that the Diaspora constitutes Nigeria‚Äôs greatest intellectual resource for fast-tracking economic and political development. 

The Ken Nnamani Fellows Program
Under the Emerging Leaders Program, the KNC will mentor young leaders through fellowships that will leverage existing partnerships with national and international.






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The focal activity of KNC is capacity-building on three broad thematic areas. Please look around and contact us with any interest or questions.